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Emerging from the fictional streets of Heathen Harbour, The Anomalous Richard Anonymous embarks upon a gripping series of lyrical adventures and melodic capers. Boasting a range of intricate rhythms, with a detailed and visual wordplay, the Boom bap-centric Hip Hop of Richard Anonymous draws inspiration from the mundane drudgery of the commonplace and redescribes the world through stark and vivid imagery. This is conscientious rap coupled with dry cynical humour.

Richard Anonymous is a virtual Hip Hop act and is the brainchild of an unnamed Cape Town based musician and writer. However, the project has ultimately been brought to life through the input of a dedicated team of talented artists, producers and musicians. With a background in music production and a long standing affair with the musical arts, the author has created the fictional character of Richard Anonymous as a vehicle for untethered creativity and artistic expression. Embracing the obscurity and anonymity that comes with being an unknown artist, the character, and encompassing fictionalised world of “Heathen Harbour” serve as a template, and wilful instrument, in the creation of a substantial and very real distance between the art and the artist himself. This will to anonymity stems from the artist’s firmly held belief that it is the art, and not the artist, that should be the audience’s primary object of focus.


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